Women In Trades

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MEGT Women In Trades program

Women In Trades


The changing face of trades starts with you

Taking a unique career path requires a blend of courage, drive, and a belief in one's abilities. It also takes passion and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

MEGT is committed to empowering womens’ success in the trades sector. We actively advocate for trade businesses to recognise the value of female employees and provide opportunities for women to grow in their careers.

Hear from our female apprentices

MEGT has helped more than 4,000 women start their journey into a trade career, and that’s just the beginning!

Read our article to learn how important it is to have a role model to inspire the next generation of women in trades or listen to the stories that our women in trades apprentices Maddison, Phoebe and Carys have shared.

Join the trades revolution

MEGT can help you focus your career choices to get a better idea of where you are headed and the best ways to get there.

From job-hunting tips to cover letters and resume templates, our free resources can help make your application stand out from the crowd.

Download our Job Seeker Toolkit templates

Our Job Board is where you’ll find hundreds of opportunities right around Australia. Simply search and apply for jobs that match your passion, skills and interests.

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Why mentoring matters

Did you know that apprentices who have the support of a qualified mentor have a higher chance of completing their qualification?

As a female apprentice in a male-dominated trade, you qualify to benefit from the support of a MEGT mentor at no cost to you or your employer!

MEGT’s highly skilled mentors work closely with every individual as confidants, network builders and cheerleaders. They focus on listening to you, acting as a sounding board, providing advice and feedback, and helping you navigate your apprenticeship.

If needed, our mentors can help you develop a ‘stay-at-work' plan or advocate for you should challenges arise in your workplace. However you need them, they’re here for you.

Meet our qualified mentors

MEGT’s Mentoring team is full of trained professionals to help prevent setbacks or support you through everything from personal challenges such as relationships, housing, mental health, finances, or issues in the workplace.

Read our article about how mentors can support women in trades or watch the videos to hear from Jodi and Tori.