From hobbyist to valued IT team member

22 September, 2021

Early in his career, when Liam was still working in retail and hospitality, his interest in computer technology was evident.

In his spare time, he would ‘mod’ his own projects at home; “not for the end result,” he says but “for the fun of breaking something and then learning new ways to fix it”.

“From building my own computer, to troubleshooting everything I could get my hands on,” says Liam, “I knew I wanted to work in the IT industry.”

Liam found out about the Microsoft Traineeship Program when he later started working at managed services provider, South Pacific IT. While he completes his Certificate IV in Information Technology at TAFE, he continues to be a highly valued member of the team there. He regards the Microsoft certifications as a great foundation for his IT career and further education.

Says, Liam: “I would most definitely recommend this traineeship to all wanting to get started in the IT world. The program is a fantastic way to kickstart an IT career –with a great combination of education, certifications, upskilling and on-the-job learning!”

“My best advice is to just take every opportunity that comes your way! This has awarded me great breaks at work to grow my experience. It has also helped me connect and become friends with many of those in the program. The Microsoft Traineeship Program offers many such opportunities, and I would say – take them all!”

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