Hard-working and passionate IT trainee shoots for the stars

22 September, 2021

Microsoft Training Program pilots young jobseeker towards endless IT possibilities

Case objective

To successfully find ideal industry placement for trainee

As a child, Marcus dreamed of working with computers. His keen interest in maths and problem-solving, combined with a dedicated attitude towards studying and academia, eventually placed him within the top tier of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank.

Unfortunately, finding industry employment proved difficult, and was complicated by the arrival of COVID-19.

“I couldn’t find a job as I had no previous work experience,” explains Marcus, “and there was a lack of job opportunities.”

So Marcus enrolled in the MEGT ICT PaTH Pilot program, and his obvious inclination towards IT was quickly recognised.

From there, Marcus was introduced to the Microsoft Traineeship Program. He was placed into a fast-paced office environment where the practical application of his in-class learning was combined with the experience he had gained as a fully paid IT technician.

Marcus is hoping to secure full-time employment in his current workplace once his traineeship is complete. “I am working towards becoming a Senior IT Systems Engineer over the next few years. Down the line, I am also hoping to work directly with Microsoft’s gaming/ music-centric teams. The pathways with Microsoft, especially by the time I finish the program, will be endless.”

Among the many benefits of his enrolment with the Microsoft Traineship Program, Marcus highlights the “essential soft skills training” he is receiving, which is improving the way he works within his team and, he says, making him “a better professional”. He also offers some sage advice for other trainees who are considering a future within the program but are concerned with managing work and education:

“If you have a rigid schedule, have a conversation with your manager about dedicating time towards the program. I learnt that time management and planning were the most essential elements in keeping up and doing well at work and study simultaneously – the effort is worth it!”

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